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4 Hacks To Perform Under Pressure.

Tired of performing below   your potential? …  — nervous, tense, scared, lacking confidence and aggressiveness, unable to focus and inconsistent?   Discover HOW to fix it NOW!

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Karl Avdek, Mental Toughness Trainer


  • Sports platitu​​des like “Believe in Yourself” and “Try ​​Harder” not working?
  • Get to the Core of what is holding you back. It is fear of failure
  • Nervous? Scared? Tense? I have your solution.
  • Get consistent confidence when you need it most; under pressure
  • Develop laser like focus and confidence on command.

Specializing In:

Bullying and Cyberbullying: Inside and Outside of Sport

Bullying in the teen and pre-teen population is pervasive; virtually omnipresent. Thirty percent of American schoolchildren report being involved in a bullying incident either as a bully, victim or bystander. Sixty four percent of children who were bullied did not report the incident. The word “epidemic” might be an appropriate description of the situation. Let [...]

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Baseball: Performance Issues, Problems, and Fears

Are you “playing scared?  Are you afraid of making mistakes; striking out, striking out with the game on the line, giving up the winning run?  Are you afraid of getting benched or cut or worse; afraid of making the team and not playing. Are you afraid of the coach?  Afraid of what your teammates think?  What your parents think?  Afraid of not being able to play in the ga [...]

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Develop Nerves Of Steel For Equestrian Competition

Most people involved with horses are deeply in love with the animals, the lifestyle, and passionate about their sport. And yet are you being robbed of your joy by some form of negative interference? Are you struggling with fear? Perhaps you have had a bad experience such as a fall; an accident, or simply an incident which embarrassed you in front of your fellow riders. Are you [...]

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Struggling With Low or Inconsistent Confidence?

Is your game suffering because you are you struggling with fear, focus and concentration, negative “voices” chattering in your head, fear of injury, control of your feelings, and any number of emotional issues interfering with your confidence. The key to consistent top performance in sport or any endeavor is confidence. Or is it? Can you play your best without confide [...]

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