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Mental Toughness: Making it into College Baseball

Are you afraid of “not making it into college baseball? Professional baseball scouts discuss college and professional baseball. If you are a high school baseball player who wants to play in college you and your entire family have sacrificed and worked like mules to achieve your dream of playing at the next level and as […]

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Why MENTAL TOUGHNESS is Important in Sports Parenting

Why Mental Toughness is important in Sports Parenting “In our half-century of international research, we’ve not found any other … experience that has as strong and consistent effect on personality and personality development as does … REJECTION, especially by parents in childhood.” Dr. Ronald Rohner of the University of Connecticut; international psychologist Wow … REJECTION!!! […]

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Use Mental Toughness to get out of a batting slump!!! One year I started the season 0 for 19.  Was I going too fast for you?  Okay, let me say it again slower:  0 for 19!  A  “zero” and then a “one” with a “nine” next to it.   Nineteen at bats.  Zero hits.  Ouch!!! How […]

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How to Coach Young Athletes

Coaching young athletes can be enormously rewarding.  Just remember who you’re working with.   Participation in sports is great.   There are incredibly rewarding and enriching “life lessons” in sports; lessons that translate to success in literally every aspect of “life” itself. And, by the way, not just for the kids but for us adults as well.  […]

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Launch Angle and the Young Players

The Launch Angle and the Young Players Here comes yet ANOTHER launch angle discussion!!!  AGAIN!!!???!!!  And again.  And again.  And again.  (Is anybody out there sick of hearing about this?)  Probably yes … and probably no.  I’m sure MOST of us are saying … “Yes, I am tired of HEARING about it.  However … no,  […]

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Mentally Tough Athletes Control Their Anger

Mentally tough athletes control their anger Three years ago a young man was recommended to the program I conduct for college baseball players who aspire to play professional ball.  We work every detail of an individual’s game; strength, speed, and all “skills”; throw, hit, run, catch, with an emphasis on the mental game.  In addition […]

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Team Sport Athletes Sprint Not Jog

Team Sport Athletes Sprint.  No jogging.  Run or Sprint “Back in the day”; when I was running track in college the “standard procedure” for training was to build strength and power ON TOP OF endurance for ALL runners.  I had never heard of tempo running or high intensity interval training.  I was a sprinter.  I […]

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Youth Coaching Certification

youth coaching certification

Youth Coaching Certification Youth Coaching Certification. The old “sheepskin on the wall”  thing.  You know … that piece of paper that is always framed and inevitably very prominently displayed in someone’s office or place of business because it offers “proof” that the owner of said document has been educated and found to be qualified to […]

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