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Control and Use Anger in Performance

Control and Use Anger in Performance Are you failing in your performance because of anger?  Painful, isn’t it?  Not to mention embarassing. You make a mistake of some sort at some point during a game.  Usually it is not the first mistake and sometimes it’s not your own mistake.  It’s a teammate’s mistake or the […]

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Confidence In Sport: How To Get It When You Feel Like You Don’t Have It

Professional athletes list self confidence as the single most important element in successful competition and consistent high level performance. Professional athletes believe that confidence is in fact, more important than talent or hard work.   Confidence is not just important in athletics.  It’s important in our daily lives because life itself is oftentimes about competition.  It […]

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How to Deal with Horse Show Performance Anxiety and Nerves

Are you nervous when you enter the ring for a horse show or competitive event of any kind?  Are you suffering from horse show performance anxiety? Are you afraid of failing?  Afraid of being “embarrassed?” Well, I feel your pain.  What’s the phrase?  “Been there.  Done that.” How about embarrassment?  Forget the jitters and nervousness.  […]

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Baseball: Performance Issues, Problems, and Fears

Are you “playing scared?  Are you afraid of making mistakes; striking out, striking out with the game on the line, giving up the winning run?  Are you afraid of getting benched or cut or worse; afraid of making the team and not playing. Are you afraid of the coach?  Afraid of what your teammates think?  […]

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Develop Nerves Of Steel For Equestrian Competition

Most people involved with horses are deeply in love with the animals, the lifestyle, and passionate about their sport. And yet are you being robbed of your joy by some form of negative interference? Are you struggling with fear? Perhaps you have had a bad experience such as a fall; an accident, or simply an […]

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Struggling With Low or Inconsistent Confidence?

Is your game suffering because you are you struggling with fear, focus and concentration, negative “voices” chattering in your head, fear of injury, control of your feelings, and any number of emotional issues interfering with your confidence. The key to consistent top performance in sport or any endeavor is confidence. Or is it? Can you […]

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Bringing Your Best “A” Game To Competition

It is maddening. You perform well. Sometimes you perform brilliantly but NOT on a consistent basis. You become distracted. Your emotions rise and fall. You make a single mistake; you feel like a failure and now you’re really distracted. Now you are thinking about all the negatives. Your mind whispers, “don’t screw up” when what […]

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