Baseball: Performance Issues, Problems, and Fears

Are you “playing scared?  Are you afraid of making mistakes; striking out, striking out with the game on the line, giving up the winning run?  Are you afraid of getting benched or cut or worse; afraid of making the team and not playing. Are ybaseball performance issues problems fearsou afraid of the coach?  Afraid of what your teammates think?  What your parents think?  Afraid of not being able to play in the game the way you do in practice? 


Baseball may be the single most difficult “hand eye coordination” game in the world and is  often described as a “failure game”.  It is a sport that “isolates” your performance.  In other words, everybody sees you when you make a mistake.  You are all alone out there when you don’t play well and the spotlight is on you. Worst;  there are huge “time gaps” in the games, giving you lots of time to think and “stew” about how miserable you are after a mistake.


However baseball can also be a game of great success; a game which shows no “prejudice” or “favoritism”.  It’s not about how big or strong or fast or athletic you are.  What it’s mostly about is if you (a – have the passion (b – do the work and (c- can discipline your mind. 


If you can learn to control your emotions and your mind it can be transformed from a “failure” game to a “prepare/perform/adjust” game.


I am here to help you  … bust slumps, contribute on offense, play sharp on defense, be consistent on the mound, in the field, and at the plate.


I get it.  Boy, do I get it.  I played through college, coached in college, and played semipro baseball for over twenty years.  I have had game winning hits and balls roll through my legs.  I have batted .400 and led the league in stolen bases and also had pop ups drop five feet away from me in front of hundreds of people.  I have been the hero and the goat.  I have been super super confident and I have thrown up before games from nerves, been frozen with fear and unable to perform; terrified that I would be called upon to perform with the game on the line.


It took me decades to learn how to manage my thoughts and  emotions and most importantly how to develop a perspective on the game which enabled me to perform consistently at my best. 


I discovered that, in reality, there is no failure in baseball.  There is only information.  There is only “learning” and the ability; even the “opportunity” to “get better”.

Would you like to hear more?  Would you like to explore the possibilities for success in this wonderful game? 


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