Youth Coaching Certification

youth coaching certification

Youth Coaching Certification Youth Coaching Certification. The old “sheepskin on the wall”  thing.  You know … that piece of paper that is always framed and inevitably very prominently displayed in someone’s office or place of business because it offers “proof” that the owner of said document has been educated and found to be qualified to […]

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Confidence in baseball. You just got cut. Now what?

The head coach at the high school has just posted the final cuts for the baseball team and … CRUD!!! … you didn’t make it.  CRUD!!!  CRUD!!!  CRUDDDDDDD!!! You place (drop is a better description) your chin onto your chest (Crash!!! Thud!!!), pull your cap over your eyes or  slide your sunglasses on  (“lack of […]

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Confidence in Baseball Age Appropriate Instruction

Teaching baseball age appropriate

Kids can’t do what kids can’t do.  Instructors need to give students information and skills that they can perform correctly and build upon. Simple, right?  Obvious as well.  It is, in fact, the fundamental principle upon which all education is based; the reality that learning is a PROGRESSIVE experience; a curriculum of DEVELOPING KNOWLEDGE and SKILL  Students […]

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Very few things can be as frustrating to an athlete as feeling “stuck” in their performance. This is, of course, especially prominent in sports which are “measured” in “quantifiable” terms and by that I mean times, distances, weights, etc.; athletes like marathon runners; any kind of track athlete for that matter or swimmers; triathletes, weightlifters, […]

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Unfair Coaches Bullying Coaches

Unfair Coaches.  Bullying coaches. Unfair coaches.  Bullying coaches.  Coaching at the youth level… and specifically I mean UNFAIR coaches; BAD coaches; BULLYING coaches …  at the youth level is by far and away the most volatile and incendiary (the definition of incendiary by the way is “a device designed to start FIRES) aspect of youth […]

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Bullying and Cyberbullying: Inside and Outside of Sport

Bullying in the teen and pre-teen population is pervasive; virtually omnipresent. Thirty percent of American schoolchildren report being involved in a bullying incident either as a bully, victim or bystander. Sixty four percent of children who were bullied did not report the incident. The word “epidemic” might be an appropriate description of the situation. Let […]

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