Develop Nerves Of Steel For Equestrian Competition

Most people involved with horses are deeply in love with the animals, the lifestyle, and passionate about their sport. And yet are you being robbed of your joy by some form of negative interference? Are you struggling with fear? Perhaps you have had a bad experience such as a fall; an accident, or simply an incident which embarrassed you in front of your fellow riders. Are you nervous when you train or show your horse or compete?

You are well aware of the fact that every single emotion you experience is IMMEDIATELY translated to your horse; from the relaxed confidence which allows you to work in beautiful synchronized harmony with your horse to its polar opposite; the raw edged fear that exposes the rider’s nerves and sends a message to the horse that you are BOTH out of control and directionless.

Are you longing to ride yourself of any and all negative interference and achieve confidence and find your place in that wonderful “zone” where horse and rider work together in harmony?

I know I can help you.

Scared of riding? Nervous when you train or show your horse or compete? Ride with aggressive confidence and free of fear. BTW: Your partner is counting on you. Don’t remember who your partner is? It’s your horse!!!
I grew up in the horse business in Iowa where my father managed the largest thoroughbred farm in the state at the time.I was a full time equine professional from the time I was fifteen. Fear of training, showing, even fear of the animals themselves. I understand and have witnessed and experienced all of it. Call or email me and we will get you “on track” together.
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