What takes place during a session?

An individual “session” is booked for 60 to 90 minutes. Sessions are not, however, strictly “timed” but rather geared toward achieving a “result”; a conclusive point from which to move forward from. A first session is an “evaluation”; designed to gather information in order to discern specific issues and how to proceed. Additional sessions are geared around the RACE formula; R for relentless, A for aware, C for clear, and E for emotional mastery.

How much time between sessions?

Most clients book a session once a week. In order to achieve success and “ownership” of his or her personal success, it is imperative for the client to have time to both digest and practice the lessons learned in individual sessions in order to transform the skills into “habits” which are reflexive.”

How many sessions should I plan on booking?

Most clients are able to achieve measureable success within a “four session” package

How much do sessions cost?

An individual session is $200. A four session "package" is discounted at $700. All additional sessions booked for "four session packages" are discounted at $175.

Do I have to have to have a problem to benefit from the training?

No although many people initiate participation in mental toughness training due to “acute” problems. Like the acquisition of any skill, the benefits of mental toughness training often motivates students to pursue the training after resolution of an issue in order to continue to empower themselves and improve their performance

What is the difference between mental toughness training and sport psycology?

Mental Toughness Training is designed to go to the “core” of the problem for solutions rather than to offer platitudes. We are not physicians and we do not “fix” broken issues. We deal primarily with “acute” performance problems.

How is mental toughness training different from the physical skills my coaches are teaching me?

Coaches teach the “correct execution” of physical skills. Mental toughness training is, in a very real way, the exact same as working with a physical trainer or coach for the mental toughness trainer, like the physical coach, teaches “correct execution” but this time of mental skills; mastery of emotion; focus, clarity, confidence; all of which enable the student to achieve high level consistency in his/her physical performance. The teaching methodology is exactly the same; acquisition of knowledge and correct repetition utilized in order to “habituate” consistently high level performance.

Are phone session different than in person?

No. I often work through ZOOM; enabling myself and the student to not only see each other but to screen share and interact.

Can I call from a game or an office or horse show or other competitive event?

Of course.

What kind of contact does the parent and or coach of a youngster have with the mental toughness trainer. How do they participate in the sessions?

I am employed FOR the youngster and there are strict guidelines relative to confidentiality which are in place not only to protect the youngster but to make them comfortable and maximize the benefits of the sessions. Parents and/or coaches are peripheral and yet integral to success as “support.” Parents often attend and participate in initial evaluation sessions.

Are foll​​​​​​ow up sessions available and appropriate?

Yes they are available and appropriate when deemed so by the client. Students often will call for a “tune up” prior to a season or an important competition.