Mental Toughness in Sports Parenting Speed Kills So Teach Speed Skills Part 1.

There is a saying among teaching and coaching professionals throughout ALL sports and especially TEAM sports.

Speed kills!!!

There is no one single factor that impacts on athletic performance as much as speed.

It is more important than size and even sport specific skill and hand-eye coordination.  It literally … the correct word would be … SEPARATES competitors … from the opposition.  It impacts games.

Don’t think so? Remember Leon Lett and Don Beebe in Super Bowl XXVII?

Let’s take examples from a couple of major sports.

In Baseball players with speed are faster to the base AND the ball.

Offense and defense.  They get more hits.  They steal and extend more bases. They get to more balls defensively.  They help their team win. They IMPACT games.

Don’t think so?  Watch Trea Turner …   

In football players with speed SEPARATE themselves from players on the opposite side of the ball.                                                                                                                                                                        

Their “quickness” gives them an IMMEDIATE advantage not only with a first step and then the ABILITY to GAIN distance between themselves and the opposition but also to RECOVER when they are beat or make mistakes.  They have an ENORMOUS impact on games.

Don’t think so?  Watch Randy Moss

 Basketball, hockey, tennis, lacrosse, soccer.  All the same.                                                                                        

Players with speed SEPARATE themselves from other players both offensively and defensively.  They have an ENORMOUS impact on games.  They score the most goals, touchdowns, baskets, points; whatever.  They are the best defensive players; most steals, blocks, interceptions; whatever and …

… at all levels; high school, college, and pro they are the best players.  They get the most awards, the most scholarships, and make the most money.

I am a speed coach as well as a mental toughness trainer and peak performance trainer.  If you are not fast and getting faster I can help.  I work with athletes all over the country on ZOOM and with video through the internet.


Stay tuned for part 2. coming up soon.

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