Running Mechanics for youngsters. Speed Kills So Teach Speed Skills PT. 2

Teach proper running mechanics for youngsters.

“Get them when they’re young and teach them how to run” and “Speed kills so teach speed skills.”

These are both great fundamental  philosophies and slogans for any youth sports program.  I am a huge huge HUGE proponent of teaching, training, and administrating and managing youth athletes in a manner that is both AGE and SKILL LEVEL appropriate with programs that emphasize DEVELOPMENT over winning.

Very simply there are physical and psychological REALITIES concerning children’s growth and development that cannot be contradicted and the hugely pervasive emphasis on winning games (above all else) in our current youth sports culture is in completely conflict with these realities.

The result is often burn out … drop out … and/or injury.

Dr. James Andrews; (yeah … the Tommy John surgery guy) calls it “the imposition of professional standards on youth sports.”

I work with young athletes all the time systematic and proven program.  If you are having an “issue” of any kind call me.


It might be a great advertising gimmick to hear that the sports academy  your son or daughter attends teaches and (more importantly) TRAINS at a “professional level” skills  the question is if those “professional level” skills and particularly the physical training methods are APPROPRIATE for your child.

Win games or develop skills and passion.  Seems like an easy choice to me.

However … having said all that,  I do believe that PROPER running mechanics can and SHOULD be taught at a young age. 

First and obviously even more important than how the skill impacts on a child’s performance is how proper mechanics … in ANY and EVERY skill … impacts on injury prevention; particularly in girls who are much more prone to knee injuries than boys.

This is a short ten minute piece we put together four years ago which contains some veeeerrrry simple techniques which can be taught at a very young age and implemented in games like tag.

Check it out.

BTW:  Another video on lateral speed and change of direction coming up soon.

The process works when we work the process.

“If you are a player or parent or coach struggling with a performance issue that just isn’t responding to instruction and hard work, then call me now and let’s fix it.   The tip I gave you in this article is just the start.  If you’re sick and tired of competing with EITHER a MECHANICAL ISSUE that is impacting your performance OR the twin gorillas; FEAR and DOUBT on your back and ready to be done with it, I’ve got a systematic process that takes care of any interference you have to your ultimate performance potential that you have seen short bursts of…and want to see it show up consistently!  I can help make you feel great about who you are.  Call me or email me right now while you’re thinking of it!”  I work with clients all over the country on ZOOM! Over the internet!!!



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