Elizabeth Bronchatti, Bridgeport, CT

Karl is an expert at maximizing the total athletic abilities of his clients but Karl’s ability as a trainer/coach is only a small part of his total skill set. His philosophies include first and foremost building confidence and character. He is not only an expert on the game but more importantly, he is a mentor and great “mental skills” trainer.Karl trained and prepared my son Michael for the competitive life of College academics and sports. Karl has an extensive networking base with College and Professional coaches and scouts, which give his clients optimum opportunities for their children. He was totally responsible for placing my son with a college coach and an academic program which was right for us.
Michael Sarni
Stratford, CT

I cannot say enough positive things regarding Karl as a person, baseball trainer, life coach, friend, and mentor. I always believed that in order for my son to become a well rounded and successful person, it was important to surround him with good role models, mentors, coaches, and friends. Karl Avdek has certain been all that plus more to Ian and our family. I cannot thank him enough for his dedication in helping my son develop his baseball skills as well as helping him to become a man

Beth Barsky
Orange, CT

In four years of high school baseball, my son pitched a grand total of two innings and yet, in spite of all this adversity, he somehow still wanted to continue with baseball. Karl gave us a highly intelligent and focused “plan” which fulfilled all of Ryan’s needs; not only with baseball but more importantly with his personal and academic life as well. After a year of work , not only did he receive a full athletic scholarship but we have now had scouts from two major league teams visit our home to discuss his future.

Joanne Watkins
Milford, CT

Ken Woodfine,  Fairfield, CT

I want to acknowledge the extraordinary work Karl Avdek provided to my son who is currently a sophomore in college. Anthony was overlooked during his junior and senior years in high school baseball, but he never gave up the desire to play in college. Karl instilled in him the belief that he could accomplish anything with hard work and dedication. Their hard work paid off when Anthony made his college baseball team as a walk on and played every inning of every game.

Sandra Faggiana
Milford, CT

Karl Avdek has been an integral part of the development of both of our sons. My oldest boy Eric struggled with sports and self image and Karl’s played an enormous role in the development of his self-esteem. He is a changed young man. Our younger boy Logan interestingly enough was a superior athlete and yet he too was enormously influenced by Karl. Karl was kind, compassionate, and caring in his work and the athletic development was really, in the end, very secondary to his influence on their lives. He gave them self confidence, self awareness, and identity.

Andrea & Richard Monacco
Ridgefield, CT

Horses and Riders

I have been showing hunter/jumpers for ten years and out of curiosity attended one of Karl’s clinics. His diagnosis of my issues was absolutely spot on. The exercises he gave me improved my riding 1000%. Of infinitely more importance was his diagnosis of my “show ring jitters”. He has quite literally given me a new “viewpoint”. I ride with confidence and joy. 

A. Sperling
Katonah, NY

Karl has done clinics throughout our area for years. He markets them as “problem solving” clinics … which they are … and he has NEVER not found a fix for a horse or a situation. As he often says, the problem often is the “situation” and the “job” the owner is asking the horse to do. If there is not a fit, there will be problems. So he is advertised as working with the horses; i.e. “problem” horses but the amazing thing that happens in the course of all this is that the owners and the riders gain confidence and, when you think about it, it makes perfect sense because they come in with a problem and NOT KNOWING how to fix it and then they leave with confidence because now they know. It is NOT a horse problem clinic it is a people problem clinic. He removes their fear and gives them confidence. 

M. Whitton
Patterson, NY

I bought a barrel racing horse and, to tell the truth, I don’t know why I did because quite honestly I was terrified; terrified of the horse, of working with the horse, of showing; everything. What Karl did for me was amazing. I am not just riding, I am confident and aggressive and having a blast. Not a game changer; a mind changer.

T. Barlow
Long Island, NY

I had always had a love affair with horses and bought my first horse with Karl and trained with him. Frankly I went from being perhaps overly confident to a quiet assured confidence based on knowledge and understanding of the horse, the situation, and most importantly myself. I knew I was capable. I knew I was going to do well. What Karl did to my mental game was amazing.

Dr. Rand Werbitt
Stamford, CT