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There are 3 ways you can work with me below.  Call me now for a free consult:  1-475-441-7799

1. Four-session RACE Formula package

Our programs operate under a simple principle:


This four session program has worked successfully worldwide for nearly 15 years with literally thousands of athletes and performers.

The RACE FORMULA is an acronym with R standing for Relentless.  Do not however, get an image in your mind of a teeth grinding maniacal athlete busting through walls with his (or her fists).

Here the word “relentless” stands as much for self-discipline and most important, “responsibility”; the accountability that a person takes for his own feelings and actions and his ability to “change”.

A for Aware; self-awareness of our thoughts and emotions and the ability to control them.

C stands for Clear; or clarity.

Finally E stands for  Emotional mastery.  This formula; the RACE FORMULA is used to clear all manner of negativity, fear, and performance “blocks and get … and keep the performer on the path to success in achieving his or her goals.

In a first session we go over the client’s “history” in order to identify specifics relative to the individual.

The second session is about mastering emotions and learning confidence building devices.

The third session is about “guided visualization” and the fourth session is a “clearing”;  a resolution of any conflicts and a release of interference, blocks, and mistakes

More important than anything else, the four session program offers self “empowerment” to the student by teaching him or her how his/her mind and body operate and how to “control”  them and direct them for the highest potential performance.

Students come out of this four session program cleared of fear and interference and equipped with the ability to remain clear and perform without interference and with confidence.


Performance = Potential – Interference.

2. 12-Session total Mental Toughness coaching package

All human behavior is based upon “habituation”; forging unbreakable mental and physical “habits” through repetition.

 This twelve week program simply offers an additional nine sessions to allow the student to go deeper into the RACE FORMULA and to truly master your emotions; to remain “in control” of your performance even under the most difficult pressure situations.  Rather than being “challenged” under fire the student truly gains a “permanence” in his response to challenges.


3. Single sessions

A student is more than welcome to come in for a single session prior to a competition or simply to “sample” the programs with an initial session and an “evaluation”.   Oftentimes “former” students will come in for a session to prepare for an important event.


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